Alibi Camera Software

Alibi Camera Software

If you own a business, you want to make sure that it is as safe as it can be. Many people don’t think about surveillance camera systems when they are thinking of ways to protect their business, but they can be a useful tool. It doesn’t have to be a hassle either. If you get an alibi camera software system through Closed Circuit Pro, you can trust that they will properly install it. They even have a three-year warranty that they stand by, and the process is meant to be simple and quick. Nearly anywhere can benefit from having a good surveillance system in place, but places of business, in particular, should consider them.

Why Does My Business Need Surveillance Cameras?

Business can benefit from surveillance cameras for various reasons. Some of them may be more obvious, while others not many people really consider.

Prevent and Reduce Theft

People can steal from your business, even if it is not retail-based, but cameras may reduce those odds. If a thief notices a camera they are less likely to actually try and take something. Even if they do steal something, it is likely you caught the action on camera and can show it to the police.


Cameras may reduce the odds of being robbed, but there is still a chance it could happen to you. If it does and you have video surveillance, you most likely caught the crime on camera. This can be useful evidence for when you contact the police, and may even lead them to catching the criminal.

Increase Productivity

The cameras that you install will not just be watching your customers and patrons, they will also be watching your employees. This could actually lead your staff to be more productive. If they know they are being recorded, they are less likely to slack off and will likely work harder.

Resolve Disputes

Your employees being on camera will not only increase productivity, but it can also help you to resolve any disputes that may arise. No matter what the dispute is about or who it is about, you can find out exactly what happened and when thanks to your camera system. This will help you better handle the situation and figure out what to do, as you will know the truth of what happened.

Stop Harassment

Your staff will likely feel safer knowing that cameras are around, especially if they end up working with someone they don’t know very well. Workplace harassment is common all over the country, but installing cameras can decrease it. It is unlikely a member of your staff will act inappropriately to a coworker if they know there are cameras watching. If it does happen, the cameras can also act as evidence.

What Can I Get At Closed Circuit?

At Closed Circuit, you can find professional-grade security cameras and accessories, and order them right from your computer. You can get a consumer bundle, surveillance bundle, and network IP cameras. You can even buy the storage to keep your footage on.

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