Alibi Security

Alibi Security

Alibi Security is a provider of security surveillance systems in the United States. In 2019, the firm entered into a partnership that allowed the development of Alibi Cloud VS. The new security simplifies installation by reducing the need for physical devices at the premises. This technology is cheaper to maintain and lowers maintenance costs by a significant deal.

Closed Circuit works with Alibi Security as a lead distributor of its hardware and software products. We believe in the three decades of work behind Alibi The firm is a child company of Observint Technologies that continues to acquire accolades for its progressive and adhering security surveillance solutions.

Reasons to consider Alibi Security features

Strong blend of surveillance systems

The 16 BNC connections are highly compatible with HD-TV1, AHD, CVBS, and HD-CV1 cameras. The system has HDMI and VGA video outputs that enable compatibility of videos across multiple platforms. The firm’s video recorders record high definition videos of up to 720 and 1080 pixels.

The cloud feature allows one to connect to services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. The hybrid nature of newer devices enables you to receive notifications on mobile platforms and emails when you connect the old cameras to the system.

Upgraded technology

Alibi invests in upcoming surveillance technology with the primary aim of improving service to customers. Latest tech features are present in the accessories, consumer bundles, networking devices, and cloud camera.

IP networking allows Alibi security to deliver fast streaming and store significant volumes of video data. The technology gives unparalleled high performance in surveillance, making the tech a suitable option in sensitive areas like corporate arenas and other high-end work and home setups.

Quality camera

The camera variations available range from the intelligent cameras we see on the streets to small and portable cameras we can slide in our shirt pockets. The pinhole camera available from Closed Circuits has a 2.1 MP and a definition of 1080p. The camera is convenient when you want to conceal it for a risky investigation or to hide it in a hidden part of the office.

We also have a wide-angle mini-security tube camera, with a 2.1 MP and 1080 pixels. It is discreet, and you can stick it through at the top or side of an object and still maintaining a camouflaged look.

Simple user experience

Alibi software has designs that allow for seamless integration and operation. The entire system enables users to set favorable budget requirements that will blend well with their life. They can opt to receive notifications via the Email or sync their phone and text messaging to the system.

The IP system has an easy plug and play feature that integrates the power of the Ethernet. Cameras synchronize with the system in auto-detection modalities and send discovered data using automated operation. 

Alibi Witness is a unique camera software that offers the same competence as a computer-based software. It allows streaming of multiple streams from different sections of the building. You can archive videos and control the footage to optimize the viewing on a mobile device.


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