Alibi Security Com

Alibi Security Com

Alibi Security com provides closed circuit cameras for every security need. Closed circuit cameras bring the power of visibility to your home security solution. Alibi provides unparalleled support with high quality products available at Closed Circuit.

Why should I use a closed-circuit camera?

Closed circuit cameras operate in a secure environment. Cameras relay an image directly to a display device. Additional equipment allows you to record the images as they appear.

As technology improves, cameras are increasingly conspicuous. They relay information to you and authorities if something were to go wrong and with time will even learn to spot intruders. Never be left in the dark again.

Where can I stick a closed-circuit camera?

Alibi offers nearly invisible cameras for any area of your home or office. These cameras are east to install, move, and replace.

Closed Circuit offers an effective package for your personal or business security. Six to thirty-four cameras connected to a network recorder allow you to reach every part of your building. Nowhere is hidden with an Alibi-based package.

Do I need a wired connection to operate a closed-circuit camera?

Despite their name, an actual circuit is not required. Nearly every option on the market today is wireless.

This does not mean that your cameras are insecure. Closed Circuit provides bundles that with expert installation help to thwart attempts from hackers. Passwords, encryption, and secured storage all play a major role in limiting access to your network.

Stands and holders

Closed Circuit offers stands and holders for cameras such as the Alibi Eagle Eye. Extend the reach of your device with our products.

We offer over forty adapters and extensions for both fisheye and standard devices. Offer no safe haven.

Where can I find a multi-channel recorder?

Alibi offers up to 128-channl recording devices with a price range of between $500 and $8000. Each channel attaches to one camera. Small homes may require a single-channel recorder while large offices may need many times that number.

Closed Circuit offers storage and scale at affordable prices. Improve storage speed with RAID. We offer you the power to run corporate security in the modern age.


No one can be home every minute. Storage is an essential part of any security package. In any technical network, storage is the largest cost. Closed Circuit offers the terabytes of storage capacity for as little as $97.

Grow your storage as you grow your network. Our available recorders and storage devices are among the best on the market.

Where can I find an Alibi Security com?

Closed supplies everything you need to create a camera network based on potent Alibi products. High resolutions, fast and expandable storage, and visibility are the hallmark of the Alibi brand.

We offer fast delivery, quality products, and quality customer support. Our company exclusively sells, installs, and services Alibi Security products. We manage camera and NVRs with expertise and knowledge.

If you are looking for an affordable and powerful security option, get in touch with us today.

Alibi Security Com
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