Analog CCTV is no longer the best option in the market. The outdated system has had a replacement with IP CCTV, which cost less in maintenance. The old system is highly unreliable due to constant breakdowns, among other shortcomings.

What is IP CCTV?

Internet enabled CCTV is a digital camera that records footage of live happenings. It sends notifications to the synced devices by using the Wi-Fi of the house.

Reasons to buy IP CCTV

Better resolution

These devices offer more precise resolution displays than analog devices. They have resolutions that are almost three times sharper than the previous ones. Analog instruments have an average maximum resolution of about 7004 x 480 pixels, whereas IP sensitized CCTVs from Closed Circuit have up to 8 MPs.

You have the option of selecting various aspect ratios, which improve the coverage angle and focus. The cameras are great for public areas that need detailed monitoring from a comprehensive perspective.

Easy installation

The camera is easy to install because it uses Power of Ethernet. You can use one cable to connect a single camera using Internet data. These devices have a myriad of tools that ease the setup process. Additionally, most analog systems do not come with manuals for configuration. The configuration setup enables easy deployment and management.

Long-distance convenience

IP devices can transmit videos to a long-distance and retain quality. Analogue CCTVs tend to lose the value of the content. The digital one will also transfer multiple images to variant recipients while making good use of bandwidth and storage space.


Analogue CCTVs only had two jobs – capturing and sending video and audio data. Digital alternatives can perform more duties. Some of them include:

  • Improving the work of the operators
  • Delivering important data on businesses
  • Improve the efficiency of the surveillance

An example would be noticing sudden motion in a usually calm area. Instead of merely sending video streams, the digital CCTV will also send an email or text message notification.

Complete integration

An IP CCTV uses power, audio, video and PTZ control in a single transmission cable. This transmission mode reduces charges by cutting down on power while improving functionality. The traditional CCTV requires an additional cable to control functions like zoom, pan, and tilt.

It also needed an entirely different cable to send well-synchronized audio of the video stream. You can trust the digital CCTV to deliver high-quality streams of any happenings at lightning speed.

Digital cameras are easy to expand. They do not have an infrastructure limitation because they use Wi-Fi to connect and send data to the linked devices. Small-sized systems can accommodate about 17 connected CCTVs.


Newer versions of CCTVs have integrated superior analytical software. These devices can now identify license plates, the number of people captured and also detect motion.

Accessibility The older version of CCTVs often stored data in the company’s servers. The new devices store data on the Network Video Recorder. This case helps when you or someone else wants to retrieve the information fast and easy.



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