IP Security Cameras

IP Security Cameras

The current market has varying IP CCTVs for both the indoors and outdoors. Closed Circuit has options that are easy to install both at home and in the business area. Positioning these devices in the right places will help your enterprise or home security in the following ways:

  • Heighten security of the office
  • Prevent theft, violence and other crime by employees and customers
  • Improve the performance of the staff
  • Settle disputes among employees
  • Keep a trackable record of all visitors
  • Safeguard the overall interest of the business

Best places to position IP security cameras

The front door

Most criminals will use the front door after tearing down its barricades. The best way to conceal the camera is to place a hood covering over it. Be careful never to let the camera glare at direct sunrays, because of potential damage to the sensor. Outdoor IP security cameras will usually have senses for infrared lighting and protection against water absorption.

First-floor windows

You can opt for cameras that do not have an infrared capability. Choosing such a camera will show a white glow of the actual image during the nighttime. IP security cameras with excellent features will accommodate good lighting and capture wide angles from the elevated position of windows.


The front door is an obvious entry point. The more complicated intruder might choose an option that is not visible to the public. Position the camera at the back, from the inside of the house.


Burglars enter a home by sneaking through the yard. Space is extremely crucial because children spend a lot of time there. Monitoring it while getting notifications of any oddity will keep your home and family safe.

Basement or garage

These two places lack as much motion as is present in other homes. They also store most of our unused items, such as bikes, old clothes, car repair tools, and unused house tools. Place the IP security camera at the height of the entrance area or n unreachable position within the room.

Reception area

The welcoming space is a high traffic area because of the entrance of visitors and constant movement of employees. Consider using a camouflaged camera to blend with the décor to avoid alarming visitors. This camera placement is convenient when you need to study the business’ performance as well as in providing security details to the authorities upon request.


The actual office area may require more surveillance than you presume. Employees who do not perform their tasks will derail your business’ income. A visible camera will act like the non-present supervisor.


The supply room may attract unauthorized entry, despite the warning labels on the door. A camera will ward off daring lawbreakers and maintain the integrity of the workplace.

It is also essential to know the places that one should not position cameras. Such areas include spots that will provide coverage to the neighbor’s home. Usually, it is not a problem when the camera captures public property such as the backyard. It is unorthodox to focus on surveillance of inner spaces like the house’s interior.


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